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Check Out Our Sister Site GoL FAV Uno

Check Out Our Sister Site GoL on FAV net

Our Specialty : The Custom Scrolling LoGo Banner SplashScreen Two-Dimensional Machine

OnLine Implementation of a Wire World Computer

See a Fully Functional OnLine CPU

Specialty Collection of Custom Scrolling LoGo Banner SplashScreens

View Emergent Complexity in an OnLine Cellular Automata Explorer

OnLine Aid in Measuring Emergent Complexity

Explanation of an Universal Imprimatur

See the Astounding IMP Metafied

A PlayGround to Have Fun Bending the Rules

Our Very Own Life Lexicon Version


Super Mario Animation Resources

Bike Theme Animation Resources

Play Curveball

Play Asteroids

Timer Page Number One

Timer Page Number Two

Timer Page Number Three

Timer Page Number Four

Timer Page Number Five

Timer Page Number Six

Link to ConwayLife.com best CGoL resource

Link to download Golly best CGoL software - open source

Link to load Golly Online to play Patterns in your Browser.


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